Cowboy with a branding ironYeah well, be branded or be a brand.

Kids, I’ve got something to say.

It ain’t gonna be easy. No sirree Bob.

Have a bit of patience with yourself.

Just because no one wants what you have, or rather what you are, doesn’t mean diddly.

I’m going to point out the obvious: even in nature plants take time to grow.

Listen to me: it’s at the point of doubt where the sharks come in and sell you on their help prematurely.

And this is nothing more or less than a post to say: stick with it longer. We’re not babies here…we’re entirely growed up grown ups.

Some of us are planting a seed that’s never been planted before. Kind of like a Jack-n-the-Beanstock “surprise”-changes-everyone’s-life-forever-stick ‘n mud-types-would-rather-you-didn’t-kind-of-magic bean.

Are you insane?! Can’t you be somebody else?

Just a reminder that you can’t. Be somebody else. Who the heck would be you?

If I had a stand-in, why, I’d be in Japan where you can actually get an actor to be you at your own birthday party. They’re called substitutes.

What I want to know is: if everyone is a substitute, then who’s enjoying my party?

It’s enough to make a grown man cry in his whiskey and corn flakes.

This is good, old-fashioned encouragement to stick with it. No use comparing yourself…those success brands are rolling in momentum.

Feel better now?