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Not Talking

Random thought: are you being paid to talk at work? Not talking to a growing number of people outside work in odd inverse ratio? Currently not talking to the owner of a call center, potential business venture…that didn’t work out. Turns out he wanted more than my voice!

Private Lending Made Easy

Mention of 1. Private lending sales page 2. Auto dialer all-in-one system + online business training 3. Review of real estate private lending

Online Marketing Passion

I hate webinars. This is part of the funnel that I positvely hate. Problem is, I already like Leonardo. This, my friends, is where the passion begins: people.

Lip Gloss

Would the man just make up his mind? Right in the middle of this humour post he called me and says he can’t get me off his mind and would it be alright if he sent me periodic money to buy clothes? And did I say “no”? No.

Passion for Jerusalem

You drive in, then walk through Jerusalem, then walk through the Jaffa Gate and the old city on worn shiny stones enclosed by high walls but you don’t feel closed in.

Exploring Your Passion

Take off from Toronto airport in a little more than a couple of weeks and be up in the air for about 11 hours, then land in Tel Aviv, which one New York editor called “Mediterranean’s New Capital of Cool”.

The 3 Step Guide to Being Pale & Sickly

Oh, and don’t take Vitamin D supplements because they make it from sheep wool.