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Shifting Into Gear

Fail we did. We were “out of the box”, individual, tied by our training course. And all new we followed new leaders and went forward with speed.

Down For The Count

In real life a “sucker punch” can get you down for the count. That’s when you lay there flat on the mat looking up and seeing stars and wait for the count to end.

Capital Crime of Marketing

Have you committed the capital crime of marketing, which is running out of money to support your addiction to finding a way to making money online?

Mobile Marketing

Did you know there are not quite 2 billion online computer users compared to nearly 5 billion cell phone users?

Online Marketing Passion

I hate webinars. This is part of the funnel that I positvely hate. Problem is, I already like Leonardo. This, my friends, is where the passion begins: people.

7 Reasons Why Your Name is Your Brand

If you are on a break from the corporate world or looking to escape9to5 think about branding to your name. Probably Google, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are not going away any time soon. You start there.

Mary Poppins Marketing

Mary Poppins Marketing. Mr. Banks: Just a moment, Mary Poppins. What is the meaning of this outrage?

Kiss Me Marketing

I got 2 kisses from Johnny Peller (Peller Estates Winery) at our elementary school reunion last last year…

One Man Band Marketing

But you’ve got to make it personality rich. Focus on the 2 highest payoffs. Ask yourself a question: are you constantly checking your out-of-the-way traplines or are you setting up where the rabbits are running?

Counter Intuitive Marketer

Ken Roberts is a Counter Intuitive Marketer. Notice his disclaimer. And I am what is called a “lay down” sale. Told you this blog was painful.