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Home Office Upstart

It’s way cool to be paid for an education and to build equity.

Not Talking

Random thought: are you being paid to talk at work? Not talking to a growing number of people outside work in odd inverse ratio? Currently not talking to the owner of a call center, potential business venture…that didn’t work out. Turns out he wanted more than my voice!

Down For The Count

In real life a “sucker punch” can get you down for the count. That’s when you lay there flat on the mat looking up and seeing stars and wait for the count to end.

Capital Crime of Marketing

Have you committed the capital crime of marketing, which is running out of money to support your addiction to finding a way to making money online?

A Marriage of Minds

Legal partnerships are scary. It’s like, if Groucho Marx shows up in your mind and says: “I’ve had a perfectly wonderful time. But this wasn’t it.”

Get Buzz on Your Phone

Looking at the way Google Buzz playing out on my gmail, pretty good so far…following Michel Fortin and Weird China…interesting. The social interaction will be ranked by Google

7 Reasons Why Your Name is Your Brand

If you are on a break from the corporate world or looking to escape9to5 think about branding to your name. Probably Google, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are not going away any time soon. You start there.

Cognac Croizet S.A. France

This company is doing a great Twitter campaign (funny, about Dorlan at the Beach)…I love good advertising. And this video is good…educational.


On my journey to escape9to5 I’ve accepted office work at Car Heaven, as of yesterday, till the end of the year. I’m the Mary Poppins of filing 🙂


Okay now…this is neat, for business to arrange a disposable chat room to meet for a time. But for gosh sakes after you check it out, use it for a good purpose to meet your project members.