The thrill and excitement of setting up a system to earn money on the internet is nothing short of the best challenge to come across.

When we were involved in “proof of concept”, never thought for a moment that we’d fail.

Fail we did.

We were “out of the box”, individual, tied by our training course. And all new we followed new leaders and went forward with speed.

Every conceivable background.

Used every method. A dozen of us. The cream rose to the top, and a split in half was made to the rest (to hedge their bets). Many meetings, and much work by the drones. Eventually there was mutiny and we abandoned ship. Left with my good name.

Oh, but I learned much by the work (online set up and writing) and even more by what really happened. Lost the wind in our sails, at odds, tossed about, without clear vision. Understandable, when you realize the leader is You. That means right here, right now, in charge of self.

Finding yourself on dry dock?

Maybe your gears are found in your watch, or your bike, a car, a locomotive or even a rocket. Maybe you’re at home with a simple manual grinder…whatever resources you have at hand are what you have to work with…that’s fine. Work it today, while developing your vision.

Sucked into many funnels, many went on to take course after course. Others went on to create their own product. Now the funnel is the product, we are told. However, each gear wheel must be solid.

Making money is good when all the gears to fit together perfectly. Simple, to start. Oil, to keep it going. Clean, to keep the sand out of the gears. The power = your passion, oil = $, clean = clear, so not to grind to a halt.

Who you go into business with is important. Understanding how it works by doing, is how to begin. After that, you become Overseer.

One gear wheel is learning sales, and you receive that education by being in the workforce with purpose.

The lesson I learned when our enterprise flat-lined was that speed without control is nothing. Systematic Marketing is a simple machine that works.

Reflection on my broken funnel is replaced by new drive. You’ll win because of a mindset shift.