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Private Lending Made Easy

private business deal1. Really love training and this sales page…long–is like a preview of the training for private lending.

It has a Canadian “Add to Cart” which is nice, considering that we’re America’s hat. Just kidding…if we were American’s hat, or rather toque, then what does that make Alaska? It’s pom-pom?

2. All kidding aside, today I spoke to two men that had an actual product for a “one up” (not the one from the previous post) that pays the first qualifier (auto-dialer all-in-one system). So you end up paying for the product, which happens to be training for setting up your online business. Strictly for MLMers. Others won’t “get” it. Admin fee, but no monthly fees.

Now, I was holding back until I heard this, and then I heard myself getting excited. Gary Vernerchuk’s Crush It! impressed me and I’m always on the lookout for what will sustain my passion long term. Apparently I’m passionate about training and fun. Probably from my 11 years in a training institute working with 400 volunteers.

3. Here’s a review you may find helpful on private lending for real estate.

My interest in real estate is pretty much surface level: took a correspondence course years ago (after business intro in high school), attended a seminar (buying, fixing, flipping), sold my condo for profit. with help!

Funnel, funnel, who’s got the funnel? Private business deals. Goes on all the time.

Online Marketing Passion

fortuneSometimes online marketing passion turns out to be a surprise. And it doesn’t exactly come in a format that fosters trust. Kind of like a fortune cookie.

An auto telephone call starts the funnel and you have a moment so you answer.

Ooohhh…it’s interactive so you start pressing buttons, a little further down the funnel, and you’re waiting. The voiceovers are pretty good, and you pretend “what if it were my funnel, is it good?”

You leave your name and telephone number, then forget it.

The next day you get a phone call from a nice Cuban called “Leonardo” and he’s connected with the auto dialing software that you forgot about. I really ought to just pay this month’s $27 on my own auto dialer. It’s not much.

I love the way he starts off: he finds something flattering to say about you from the message you left.

We talk and he gives me a website.

The website was slick = boring.

But I like Leonardo.

He calls me and leaves a message the next day. I find it but don’t call. He calls me later and I pick up.

We talk and he finds out that I don’t love it, and I’m divided. He’s really good about asking why…and I’m sucked a little further down the funnel to listen to a webinar tonight.

I hate webinars. This is part of the funnel that I positively hate. Problem is, I already like Leonardo.

This, my friends, is where the passion begins: people.

At this point I don’t even care that it’s a gifting, one-up system.

Rules of Engagement

engagement ringAll’s fair in love and war, so the saying goes.

No surprise that the phrase “rules of engagement” refer to war.

For a trinket are we enticed.

For a breaking of the rules are we wronged.

What deal is made in war to bring peace?

The highest levels are corrupt and it filters on down to the rank and file.

How to keep your integrity in a world bent on unfair treatment?

Why, the answer is simple…stay the course. It is a kingdom of conscience, and it is enough.

Until love and war are over we remain in a midsummer night’s dream.

Unless, of course, you’re fully awake.

Lip Gloss

exploring your passionFollow your passion. (from Escape All These Things forum)

Would somebody just turn the sin off so I could make sense?

My trip was funny…here’s stuff he said to me: He wanted to send me home because of my lip gloss.

Yup, this is the entire reason. It all comes down to the lip gloss.

Now about the lip gloss: it’s cheap, has a wand, and it smells like bubble gum.

Apparently I was disrespecting him by not throwing it out and letting him buy me acceptable lip gloss.

Every time the lip gloss came out (after I ate, usually) it was a flagrant act of rebellion.

He told me it was “Nissim repellent”. I kid you not.

I told him I’ll throw out the lip gloss when it’s finished.

He’d actually sit downwind from me because of the lip gloss.

Ever tried to use olive oil in place of lip gloss? It doesn’t work.

The lip gloss was a symbol of a disobedient North American woman.

A spoiled brat with lip gloss.

Would I be willing to give up the lip gloss for his pleasure? Not really.

Not until it was gone. I paid five bucks for this thing, ya know.

The lip gloss was a point of contention, the lip gloss was the cause of being kicked out of Israel.

From the first encounter with the lip gloss the struggle was on. “That’s it. She’s going back.”

It cost him $500 to send me back early with my lip gloss.

Now, the thing that’s got this man hooked is my voice.

About the voice: once a year or less I might yell. And here’s the deal with my voice–it is so soft and feminine that even if I yell I sound “cute”. Therefore no one takes me seriously, even if I happen to transcend the moment and say something intelligent.

So I yelled at him on the telephone after I returned because, well, I was so mad. Call me, don’t call me, email me, don’t email me. Apparently no matter what I do I turn him on. And for some reason that makes him feel out of control.

Would the man just make up his mind? Right in the middle of this humour post he called me and says he can’t get me off his mind and would it be alright if he sent me periodic money to buy clothes? And did I say “no”? No.

So, now I’m on a retainer.

I’m smelly. Deal with it.

Okay the hated lip gloss is done and in the garbage now. Oy vey.

*note: we’re off again, like pulling the last petal off a daisy.

Work-a-day Blues

This is not a feel-good post.

This is a Led Zepplin I Can’t Quit You Baby, How Many More Times, Custard Pie, Hot Dog, Fool in the Rain, Gallows Pole, Rock and Roll, Communication Breakdown, Good Days Bad Days, Whole Lotta Love, Dazed and Confused, You Shook Me, Babe I’m Gonna Leave You post.

This is a hit rock bottom, the floors are not vaccumed, nothing is put away, I don’t deserve a real wine glass screw-top the Beach House blush kind of evening.

God it’s hot. LOVE!!!! Baby, you need coolin’

Okay, I think I got that out of my system. Blues.

Passion for Jerusalem

You drive in, then walk through Jerusalem, then walk through the Jaffa Gate and the old city on worn shiny stones enclosed by high walls but you don’t feel closed in. First the Armenian quarter, then the Jewish quarter.

You come out in the open and you over look the Western Wall. This is a Jewish man taking his prayers seriously. The men have more room to pray, and the women are all squashed up on the other side. Maybe they have more to pray about? Or do the men pray quicker?

My friend and I didn’t go all the way down there. We figured God could hear us fine, and we had a little prayer together.

I was wearing a sleeveless shirt so was given a bright peacock blue nylon covering to borrow for the large open courtyard. We walked around a bit then gave it back, and started walking back, took a different way and could walk right beside the old wall touching it.

Real rubber bottom sandals for grip are what I recommend for doing all of this, rather than cheap plastic bottoms because everything is a bit slippery even on bright sunny days.

I loved exploring this passion for Jerusalem with my friend.

Star of David in Israel

Walking around the moshav in Israel, Yad Hashmonah, I found a little out-of-the-way part of a mini neighbourhood and saw this cool Star of David with oil lamps.

David: tribe of Juda, shephard, poet, musician, hero, officer, husband, father, lover, activist, king–a man after God’s own heart.

Exploring Your Passion

business woman pulling suitcase in a modern airportOkay, so this is going to be like a movie.

Travel to Israel for a month, and every day something is getting done to get ready for it.

Ticket received, location decided, room paid for the whole month.

Never really been anywhere, and even a car ride is an adventure for me, so this’ll be way more fun.

Take off from Toronto airport in a little more than a couple of weeks and be up in the air for about 11 hours, then land in Tel Aviv, which one New York editor called “Mediterranean’s New Capital of Cool”.

With the Prime Minister of Israel visiting our Prime Minister in Canada, Jews are exploring their passion about being citizens here. God bless ’em, everyone.

So, when exploring your passion take a look what ignites your very soul.

Can hardly wait to get there!

Social Economics

Erik Qualman’s fun video based on Socialnomics (book) brings us this retake on the first video with new social media & mobile statistics in Social Media Revolution 2.

Because it’s all about peer referrals.

Both his first and second videos on social media start off with a question: Is social media a fad?

I confirm in my own experience the dislike of email of the X, Y and Z generations. Maybe that’s why I’ve been putting off RSS to email.

To learn more in an audio training click here re: business online from my blog.

An observation: mobile users may value their time. Good boundary. Just thinking about user experience.

iCyte Bookmark Embed Tool

iCyte bookmark embed tooliCyte is a cute but powerful sharing and marketing tool. It’s free and the tutorials are very good.

It’s an add-on, so you download it in a second.

You find a website, click the icon and create the iCyte.

Watch all the tutorials in about 5 minutes. Have fun with it.