pink bubble thoughtWhich doesn’t mean you’re listening. Hearing what you say is a high-level skill and I use it at work but this blog has no comments because I haven’t learned how to say “no” to spam.

Turn it on soon to see if anybody is out there.

There are lots of people out there, of course, but until you stop confusing Google bots and find your passion, fix your funnel, and write your ebook…well, you get the idea. Broadcasting your thoughts is a way to start with social media, and cheaper than finding out you have nothing to say with paid ads.

Watch for new avenues to connect to a partner. Find out what fits you.

My friend is taking an early retirement soon and together we have a wealth of “pet life” stories and practical know-how. This I say to you because stepping stones are not where you end up…did you know that big-time marketers found their start in the wonderful world of pets? The market is so large that it can take more products…people need help!

Random thought: are you being paid to talk at work? Not talking to a growing number of people outside work in odd inverse ratio? Currently not talking to the owner of a call center, potential business venture…that didn’t work out. Turns out he wanted more than my voice!

Keep looking, keep listening. Who are you not talking to?