ClubbingI hate having my picture taken but since it was my best friend’s husband, I guess it’s alright. Anyway, he bought me a drink and we got in free, all 3 of us, into the Dirty Dog Saloon to see Crűed on Saturday night.

I seem to be friends with the band on Facebook now, except for the lead guitarist. Might have attained even this had we stayed to visit the guys after the show. But, really, 1am is way past my bedtime.

My friend Nissim is not exactly a nice Jewish boy. Let’s just call him a complete Jew man. And he is a man. Not a boy. Only a very brave man would make an honest woman out of me.

He gets up early for me and stays up late, because we’re in different time zones. Finally we’re talking the possibility of two countries and some time apart. Engagement, married living, a place prepared, civil ceremony here, a better celebration there.

I’ll show him the City of Waterfalls. And we’ll walk and we’ll talk. The end of my ruined life.