If the earth and people resonate at 7.83 Hz but EMF’s are 60 Hz then there is a speed overload. Putting two and two together to make four: we can hack it but going to rest at normal is good.

How do you connect? When you run into someone in person or think of someone, and they call, that’s different than constant connectivity through WiFi, cellphone, and cordless.

If there are cell towers but no satellites (you can leave now) and I look at cell tower maps, or walk around and see them in my neighbourhood, there is an awareness of saturation.

Where do you get your energy?

There are people that are charged up by being with people, and there are those that recharge by being alone. The source that made you has a name and you connect to this when alone. I propose that people directly connected will also keep this energy from leaking, but the moment a loosely connected person comes into their field they latch on and siphon off because they are apart from their source. They don’t believe or what-have-you and now they need energy. Virtue goes out of the built-up person but is replaced by the source. A person apart must steal.

Earthing: connect now to ground.

Breaking connection to make new connection: changes.

A word fitly spoken: answer that resonates with me.

Water is affected by words and realigns to beauty and order by “Thank you” and “I love you”.

Taking water, juicing, fats are a physical way to get started. However, what is invisible is eternal.

Make a way where there is no way.

Was that prose or poem? Pull yourself together: it’s both…it’s music.

Get your connect. Otherwise, you’re just on autopilot.