starry skylightShift work has stabilized for me at work and I’m in the ultimate joint venture at home (met, married, mortgaged).

My business board is in the basement but my new office has a clean slate on the main floor. Did you ever just streamline, opt out, sign on and start new? I reinvented myself.

To be sure, I prospered by joining retention at work, although a great many small, medium and big changes at work happened in this last 2 years. Basically, I built on new sales skills to develop saves skills. Really, I learned to carve out a niche for myself on an elite team, as part of a larger team.

We were bought out a couple of times, which just proves the idea of being bought and sold on the market.

Though I haven’t forgotten my goal to escape 9 to 5, truthfully, I had to stay to learn sales and retention. I already had customer service skills. Also, I had to break my personal barrier to billing.

It’s way cool to be paid for an education and to build equity.