I took the scary plunge to end my work at the call center on the last day of 2016, and I pretty much learned what I could there, had fun, made the most of it: my paid education.

Using the phone and computer everyday, all day, made me want to take a break so I launched myself into gardening, backyard and basement quail and home improvements. That was partly a swing away from office work. Call center work was not integrated with my life, and forced sitting is not good. So, instead, I worked so hard at gardening (did my neighbour’s garden as well) that I hurt my thumb, so I had to stop that. The roofs and eaves are on after a couple of months (summer of rain) and it’s lookin’ good!

Now, I need to go back to the telephone and computer because I need to take a break from my break.

I had a jack installed in my office yesterday, ran a new wire. Bought a business phone some months ago. Now I either need new glasses or my actual eyesight back. Trying to make my eyes work on their own, spent time outside, sometimes on the back of a motorcycle.

Not good that I let my office go (home improvements)…need to file stuff. For a year-and-a-half it was filled with a bed standing on end, barring my way to my files. That is no way to treat the organized part of my brain. I must start my business course (again).

Speaking of my brain…the worst part of my job was the phone system: the more a call is transferred the less you can hear the customer, but each call is announced with a loud beep. The best part of my job was walking in the center all relaxed and looking forward to it. Any normal person would want to run screaming, but you get used to the noise. It was kinda funny…I always said a reality show based on our call center would have run for years. Unbelievably comical. Keep your wits about ya, little children.

This sunflower grew with a little help from my friend, a chipmunk. We had a kind of friendly competition going on. I think he won.