timerDown so long I don’t know which way is up (and I see stars).

Back when I was training in kick boxing we trained for one-and-a-half hours, three times a week and, we didn’t know it, but we were an experimental class. The trainers decided to put us through our paces and make it equal to military boot camp.

So by the end of a year we were throwing powerful punches and kicks, our balance had improved so much, and we were jumping like we had springs.

Remember Kill Bill? We could break your nose if you were even six inches close. Anyway, the trainers didn’t nail us alive into coffins and bury us in the ground to get out or die. In the end we just just kicked and broke a piece of wood.

We weren’t even allowed to spar yet, but our bodies “knew”. We built nerve pathways that weren’t there before…our tops and bottoms, right and left sides were “talking to each other”.

In real life a “sucker punch” can get you down for the count. That’s when you lay there flat on the mat looking up and seeing stars and wait for the count to end.

You can’t outsource everything in the beginning in online marketing.

And you can’t send someone else to go a round in the ring. But you need to condition yourself before a match is made. With the “words”, with dealing with people, with the world of sales.

Who has the funnel?

In business, he who has the funnel and a self-created product wins.