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Home Office Upstart

It’s way cool to be paid for an education and to build equity.

My Ruined Life

My friend Nissim is not exactly a nice Jewish boy. Let’s just call him a complete Jew man. And he is a man. Not a boy. Only a very brave man would make an honest woman out of me.

Rules of Engagement

No surprise that the phrase “rules of engagement” refer to war. For a trinket are we enticed.

Lip Gloss

Would the man just make up his mind? Right in the middle of this humour post he called me and says he can’t get me off his mind and would it be alright if he sent me periodic money to buy clothes? And did I say “no”? No.

Work-a-day Blues

This is not a feel-good post. This is a Led Zepplin I Can’t Quit You Baby, How Many More Times, Custard Pie, Hot Dog, Fool in the Rain, Gallows Pole, Rock and Roll, Communication Breakdown, Good Days Bad Days, Whole Lotta Love, Dazed and Confused, You Shook Me, Babe I’m Gonna Leave You post.

Passion for Jerusalem

You drive in, then walk through Jerusalem, then walk through the Jaffa Gate and the old city on worn shiny stones enclosed by high walls but you don’t feel closed in.

Star of David in Israel

Walking around the moshav in Israel, Yad Hashmonah, I found a little out of the way part of a mini neighbourhood and saw this cool Star of David with oil lamps.

Exploring Your Passion

Take off from Toronto airport in a little more than a couple of weeks and be up in the air for about 11 hours, then land in Tel Aviv, which one New York editor called “Mediterranean’s New Capital of Cool”.

Kiss Me Marketing

I got 2 kisses from Johnny Peller (Peller Estates Winery) at our elementary school reunion last last year…

The Joy of Sailing

This from The Joy of Sailing blog, video of hyperactive swimming dolphins (music to match).