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Home Office Upstart

It’s way cool to be paid for an education and to build equity.

Breaking the Silence

Really, I could become a “Lex” work-at-home agent but I’m not ready yet. Thinking to do that in the fall. I heard it’s basically having your own business.

Not Talking

Random thought: are you being paid to talk at work? Not talking to a growing number of people outside work in odd inverse ratio? Currently not talking to the owner of a call center, potential business venture…that didn’t work out. Turns out he wanted more than my voice!

Shifting Into Gear

Fail we did. We were “out of the box”, individual, tied by our training course. And all new we followed new leaders and went forward with speed.

Down For The Count

In real life a “sucker punch” can get you down for the count. That’s when you lay there flat on the mat looking up and seeing stars and wait for the count to end.

The Brand That Nobody Bought

It’s enough to make a grown man cry in his whiskey and corn flakes.

This is good, old-fashioned encouragement to stick with it. No use comparing yourself…those success brands are rolling in momentum.

Mobile Marketing

Did you know there are not quite 2 billion online computer users compared to nearly 5 billion cell phone users?

A Marriage of Minds

Legal partnerships are scary. It’s like, if Groucho Marx shows up in your mind and says: “I’ve had a perfectly wonderful time. But this wasn’t it.”

Private Lending Made Easy

Mention of 1. Private lending sales page 2. Auto dialer all-in-one system + online business training 3. Review of real estate private lending

Online Marketing Passion

I hate webinars. This is part of the funnel that I positvely hate. Problem is, I already like Leonardo. This, my friends, is where the passion begins: people.