emergencyHave you committed the capital crime of marketing, which is running out of money to support your desire to finding a way to making money online?

I’ve been taught by the best, and they warned me about this. You’ve failed if you give up, but only if you give up your little business idea that you’d like to be a big success.

Trouble is, there’s the free way or the high way. Maybe an intelligent combination is best. Back when I had more time I fooled around and fell in love with this whole amazing online world that I stumbled into.

One way costs money and time, but I see my friends taking course after course…and as my contact Ciaran Doyle points out: you just need to implement what little you know and take it from there.

An ounce of “doing it” is better than a pound of learning how.

Free costs less in money, but I’m thinking it takes time anyway, even if you take an expensive course. There’s the overwhelm, ya know? Some never get pass the overload.

Now, back in the real world of paying your rent…your capital crime lands you right back in working for the man and being in chains again.

Plot your escape. At least now the money is rolling in to take care of the basics and you’ve found out what’s free and what’s not. Give yourself a break. It hasn’t even been 3 years yet, and in real bricks ‘n mortar business in the real world it takes failure that will be turned into blinding success!

Damn it. Publishing is the only way to go. I’m going to put it into an ebook for real. I love free. That is my passion.

Convert capital crime into capital…that’s it, that’s all.