9 to 5My alarm has been going off at 4:15 am to get to work before 6 am. Service, marketing, commercial, billing.

After work, I burst out on the rooftop garden of the downtown mall at 2:30 pm, at least for now, in full sunshine.

Oblivious to the warmth outside, my hands are cool, I’ve stripped off my ID necklace, sweater, socks and have put on my sunglasses. All smiles, you’d see me make my way to the new bus terminal. Took the number 1 King down a more beautiful access to get downtown, but take the regular bus home overlooking the city on the way up the mountain.

Really, I could become a “Lex” work-at-home agent but I’m not ready yet. Thinking to do that in the fall. I heard it’s basically having your own business. Maybe I’m scared. The Lex agents are bad-mouthed: they’re sitting at home in their pajamas!

Been learning everything I can in the call center because we have access to excellent floor support. Lex agents do the same thing from home, but they have an online “chat” supervisor.

This is a summer of changes. Soon will be an empty nester. Breaking the silence, breaking out of my shell. Will set up my own home office.

7 Somethings to Say About Call Centers:

  1. Alternating boring and loud
  2. Sharing: headsets, phones, computers, chairs
  3. People: all kinds
  4. No fresh air, sunshine, clean water
  5. Everything is all about metrics
  6. Sales education, bonus money
  7. Shift work makes you crazy

There, I’ve said it.