Cathy FletcherCathy Fletcher here. I’m a blogger and a mini / micro publisher sharing what I’m learning to make sales online. I love to find out technical how-to that relates to marketing. Especially free resources.

Fair business practices, Christian values. I’m a woman who loves to laugh, but not at the expense of others. Love to work…boomer work ethics and I think doing something new is fun.

I will help get you started online if you don’t know how, or will find out specific solutions because of connections and a perfect love of research.

Text 9 0 5 . 5 3 7 . 8 5 7 2 subject line “Cathy” to bounce something off me related to online business.

Working from home, Hamilton ON Canada

Current interests are:

1) finding out about setting up a corporation  in a proper way.

2) article marketing

3) using WordPress to blog

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