Moroccan marriageLegal partnerships are scary. The idea of it.

It’s like Groucho Marx shows up in your mind and says:

“I’ve had a perfectly wonderful time. But this wasn’t it.”

And mindset keeps us solo. Or not.

Even though we might end up alone on a hill, in a shack with a cat. Or even worse, next to a bad neighbour.

Which is why there are times of trial. Trouble is, trials are half hearted.

Well now, it will always be a mystery then.

On the other hand you can find out as much as you can about yourself, dive into a new realm armed with the basics about the new culture. Ask as many questions about potential partners as they ask about you. Names. Family. Friends. And ask about those you met next time you meet.

Helps if you love people and desire a change but it is a legal matter.

It’s what grownups do.