Archives for February 2010

7 Reasons Why Your Name is Your Brand

If you are on a break from the corporate world or looking to escape9to5 think about branding to your name. Probably Google, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are not going away any time soon. You start there.

Barbie Marketer

On the other hand tonight’s webinar with Mark Hoverson was talking about repelling the “lottery mentality” types, and instead attracting the professionals that make at least $100,000. Direct Marketing = The Life.

Mary Poppins Marketing

Mary Poppins Marketing. Mr. Banks: Just a moment, Mary Poppins. What is the meaning of this outrage?

Kiss Me Marketing

I got 2 kisses from Johnny Peller (Peller Estates Winery) at our elementary school reunion last last year…

Linked Data

Linked data is all about relationships. Data is about our lives. Every time you use the social networking sites you are re-purposing data. On maps, people create an incredible resource if everybody does their little bit and then it all connects.

Intervew Software

You know how you watch an interview (or webinar) and some of the cast are super loud and some are so quiet? That’s very annoying. Well, this is just great to video tape two equally.