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The 3 Step Guide to Being Pale & Sickly

Oh, and don’t take Vitamin D supplements because they make it from sheep wool.

The Joy of Sailing

This from The Joy of Sailing blog, video of hyperactive swimming dolphins (music to match).

Musketeer Marketer

Musketeer Marketer, like the fourth Musketeer: D’Artanyan was fiercely proud of his heritage, ready to defend the honour of his father’s name, and duty-bound to the king.

Japanese ad

Japanese ad. Nearly killed myself laughing at this one! Had to get my daughter to translate the Japanese…Quentin Tarantino.

New Starts and Bad Endings

New Starts and Bad Endings. “Love all, trust a few” sums it up for me and Shakespeare.

A Little Help From My Friends

I get by with a little help from my friends. This is kind of how I feel about my Joint Venture friends right at the moment…love this video 🙂

Bluetooth Technology vs. Wi-Fi Technology

Bluetooth Technology vs. Wi-Fi Technology