Life Hack ~ Connections

If the earth and people resonate at 7.83 Hz but EMF’s are 60 Hz then there is a speed overload. Putting two and two together to make four: we can hack it but going to rest at normal is good.

How do you connect? When you run into someone in person or think of someone, and they call, that’s different than constant connectivity through WiFi, cellphone, and cordless.

If there are cell towers but no satellites (you can leave now) and I look at cell tower maps, or walk around and see them in my neighbourhood, there is an awareness of saturation.

Where do you get your energy?

There are people that are charged up by being with people, and there are those that recharge by being alone. The source that made you has a name and you connect to this when alone. I propose that people directly connected will also keep this energy from leaking, but the moment a loosely connected person comes into their field they latch on and siphon off because they are apart from their source. They don’t believe or what-have-you and now they need energy. Virtue goes out of the built-up person but is replaced by the source. A person apart must steal.

Earthing: connect now to ground.

Breaking connection to make new connection: changes.

A word fitly spoken: answer that resonates with me.

Water is affected by words and realigns to beauty and order by “Thank you” and “I love you”.

Taking water, juicing, fats are a physical way to get started. However, what is invisible is eternal.

Make a way where there is no way.

Was that prose or poem? Pull yourself together: it’s both…it’s music.

Get your connect. Otherwise, you’re just on autopilot.


Downtime is Uptime

I took the scary plunge to end my work at the call center on the last day of 2016, and I pretty much learned what I could there, had fun, made the most of it: my paid education.

Using the phone and computer everyday, all day, made me want to take a break so I launched myself into gardening, backyard and basement quail and home improvements. That was partly a swing away from office work. Call center work was not integrated with my life, and forced sitting is not good. So, instead, I worked so hard at gardening (did my neighbour’s garden as well) that I hurt my thumb, so I had to stop that. The roofs and eaves are on after a couple of months (summer of rain) and it’s lookin’ good!

Now, I need to go back to the telephone and computer because I need to take a break from my break.

I had a jack installed in my office yesterday, ran a new wire. Bought a business phone some months ago. Now I either need new glasses or my actual eyesight back. Trying to make my eyes work on their own, spent time outside, sometimes on the back of a motorcycle.

Not good that I let my office go (home improvements)…need to file stuff. For a year-and-a-half it was filled with a bed standing on end, barring my way to my files. That is no way to treat the organized part of my brain. I must start my business course (again).

Speaking of my brain…the worst part of my job was the phone system: the more a call is transferred the less you can hear the customer, but each call is announced with a loud beep. The best part of my job was walking in the center all relaxed and looking forward to it. Any normal person would want to run screaming, but you get used to the noise. It was kinda funny…I always said a reality show based on our call center would have run for years. Unbelievably comical. Keep your wits about ya, little children.

This sunflower grew with a little help from my friend, a chipmunk. We had a kind of friendly competition going on. I think he won.


A Series of New Starts

I woke up with this huge dream in my mind.

About people in their business, about burnout, lost interest…and new influx of vision and power.

About connection, care, comments. Finally: flying above it all with joy in the view of a larger community. News starts, doing it over, making it new. Small businesses, but a kind of invisible circle drawn around people who had unique doings but shared passion. I met each one and new power came to get it going.


Home Office Upstart

starry skylightShift work has stabilized for me at work and I’m in the ultimate joint venture at home (met, married, mortgaged).

My business board is in the basement but my new office has a clean slate on the main floor. Did you ever just streamline, opt out, sign on and start new? I reinvented myself.

To be sure, I prospered by joining retention at work, although a great many small, medium and big changes at work happened in this last 2 years. Basically, I built on new sales skills to develop saves skills. Really, I learned to carve out a niche for myself on an elite team, as part of a larger team.

We were bought out a couple of times, which just proves the idea of being bought and sold on the market.

Though I haven’t forgotten my goal to escape 9 to 5, truthfully, I had to stay to learn sales and retention. I already had customer service skills. Also, I had to break my personal barrier to billing.

It’s way cool to be paid for an education and to build equity.


Breaking the Silence

9 to 5My alarm has been going off at 4:15 am to get to work before 6 am. Service, marketing, commercial, billing.

After work, I burst out on the rooftop garden of the downtown mall at 2:30 pm, at least for now, in full sunshine.

Oblivious to the warmth outside, my hands are cool, I’ve stripped off my ID necklace, sweater, socks and have put on my sunglasses. All smiles, you’d see me make my way to the new bus terminal. Took the number 1 King down a more beautiful access to get downtown, but take the regular bus home overlooking the city on the way up the mountain.

Really, I could become a “Lex” work-at-home agent but I’m not ready yet. Thinking to do that in the fall. I heard it’s basically having your own business. Maybe I’m scared. The Lex agents are bad-mouthed: they’re sitting at home in their pajamas!

Been learning everything I can in the call center because we have access to excellent floor support. Lex agents do the same thing from home, but they have an online “chat” supervisor.

This is a summer of changes. Soon will be an empty nester. Breaking the silence, breaking out of my shell. Will set up my own home office.

7 Somethings to Say About Call Centers:

  1. Alternating boring and loud
  2. Sharing: headsets, phones, computers, chairs
  3. People: all kinds
  4. No fresh air, sunshine, clean water
  5. Everything is all about metrics
  6. Sales education, bonus money
  7. Shift work makes you crazy

There, I’ve said it.


Not Talking

pink bubble thoughtWhich doesn’t mean you’re listening. Hearing what you say is a high-level skill and I use it at work but this blog has no comments because I haven’t learned how to say “no” to spam.

Turn it on soon to see if anybody is out there.

There are lots of people out there, of course, but until you stop confusing Google bots and find your passion, fix your funnel, and write your ebook…well, you get the idea. Broadcasting your thoughts is a way to start with social media, and cheaper than finding out you have nothing to say with paid ads.

Watch for new avenues to connect to a partner. Find out what fits you.

My friend is taking an early retirement soon and together we have a wealth of “pet life” stories and practical know-how. This I say to you because stepping stones are not where you end up…did you know that big-time marketers found their start in the wonderful world of pets? The market is so large that it can take more products…people need help!

Random thought: are you being paid to talk at work? Not talking to a growing number of people outside work in odd inverse ratio? Currently not talking to the owner of a call center, potential business venture…that didn’t work out. Turns out he wanted more than my voice!

Keep looking, keep listening. Who are you not talking to?


Shifting Into Gear

The thrill and excitement of setting up a system to earn money on the internet is nothing short of the best challenge to come across.

When we were involved in “proof of concept”, never thought for a moment that we’d fail.

Fail we did.

We were “out of the box”, individual, tied by our training course. And all new we followed new leaders and went forward with speed.

Every conceivable background.

Used every method. A dozen of us. The cream rose to the top, and a split in half was made to the rest (to hedge their bets). Many meetings, and much work by the drones. Eventually there was mutiny and we abandoned ship. Left with my good name.

Oh, but I learned much by the work (online set up and writing) and even more by what really happened. Lost the wind in our sails, at odds, tossed about, without clear vision. Understandable, when you realize the leader is You. That means right here, right now, in charge of self.

Finding yourself on dry dock?

Maybe your gears are found in your watch, or your bike, a car, a locomotive or even a rocket. Maybe you’re at home with a simple manual grinder…whatever resources you have at hand are what you have to work with…that’s fine. Work it today, while developing your vision.

Sucked into many funnels, many went on to take course after course. Others went on to create their own product. Now the funnel is the product, we are told. However, each gear wheel must be solid.

Making money is good when all the gears to fit together perfectly. Simple, to start. Oil, to keep it going. Clean, to keep the sand out of the gears. The power = your passion, oil = $, clean = clear, so not to grind to a halt.

Who you go into business with is important. Understanding how it works by doing, is how to begin. After that, you become Overseer.

One gear wheel is learning sales, and you receive that education by being in the workforce with purpose.

The lesson I learned when our enterprise flat-lined was that speed without control is nothing. Systematic Marketing is a simple machine that works.

Reflection on my broken funnel is replaced by new drive. You’ll win because of a mindset shift.


Down For The Count

timerDown so long I don’t know which way is up (and I see stars).

Back when I was training in kick boxing we trained for one-and-a-half hours, three times a week and, we didn’t know it, but we were an experimental class. The trainers decided to put us through our paces and make it equal to military boot camp.

So by the end of a year we were throwing powerful punches and kicks, our balance had improved so much, and we were jumping like we had springs.

Remember Kill Bill? We could break your nose if you were even six inches close. Anyway, the trainers didn’t nail us alive into coffins and bury us in the ground to get out or die. In the end we just just kicked and broke a piece of wood.

We weren’t even allowed to spar yet, but our bodies “knew”. We built nerve pathways that weren’t there before…our tops and bottoms, right and left sides were “talking to each other”.

In real life a “sucker punch” can get you down for the count. That’s when you lay there flat on the mat looking up and seeing stars and wait for the count to end.

You can’t outsource everything in the beginning in online marketing.

And you can’t send someone else to go a round in the ring. But you need to condition yourself before a match is made. With the “words”, with dealing with people, with the world of sales.

Who has the funnel?

In business, he who has the funnel and a self-created product wins.


Capital Crime of Marketing

emergencyHave you committed the capital crime of marketing, which is running out of money to support your desire to finding a way to making money online?

I’ve been taught by the best, and they warned me about this. You’ve failed if you give up, but only if you give up your little business idea that you’d like to be a big success.

Trouble is, there’s the free way or the high way. Maybe an intelligent combination is best. Back when I had more time I fooled around and fell in love with this whole amazing online world that I stumbled into.

One way costs money and time, but I see my friends taking course after course…and as my contact Ciaran Doyle points out: you just need to implement what little you know and take it from there.

An ounce of “doing it” is better than a pound of learning how.

Free costs less in money, but I’m thinking it takes time anyway, even if you take an expensive course. There’s the overwhelm, ya know? Some never get pass the overload.

Now, back in the real world of paying your rent…your capital crime lands you right back in working for the man and being in chains again.

Plot your escape. At least now the money is rolling in to take care of the basics and you’ve found out what’s free and what’s not. Give yourself a break. It hasn’t even been 3 years yet, and in real bricks ‘n mortar business in the real world it takes failure that will be turned into blinding success!

Damn it. Publishing is the only way to go. I’m going to put it into an ebook for real. I love free. That is my passion.

Convert capital crime into capital…that’s it, that’s all.


The Brand That Nobody Bought

Cowboy with a branding ironYeah well, be branded or be a brand.

Kids, I’ve got something to say.

It ain’t gonna be easy. No sirree Bob.

Have a bit of patience with yourself.

Just because no one wants what you have, or rather what you are, doesn’t mean diddly.

I’m going to point out the obvious: even in nature plants take time to grow.

Listen to me: it’s at the point of doubt where the sharks come in and sell you on their help prematurely.

And this is nothing more or less than a post to say: stick with it longer. We’re not babies here…we’re entirely growed up grown ups.

Some of us are planting a seed that’s never been planted before. Kind of like a Jack-n-the-Beanstock “surprise”-changes-everyone’s-life-forever-stick ‘n mud-types-would-rather-you-didn’t-kind-of-magic bean.

Are you insane?! Can’t you be somebody else?

Just a reminder that you can’t. Be somebody else. Who the heck would be you?

If I had a stand-in, why, I’d be in Japan where you can actually get an actor to be you at your own birthday party. They’re called substitutes.

What I want to know is: if everyone is a substitute, then who’s enjoying my party?

It’s enough to make a grown man cry in his whiskey and corn flakes.

This is good, old-fashioned encouragement to stick with it. No use comparing yourself…those success brands are rolling in momentum.

Feel better now?